Lady Gaga Hair Style

Lady Gaga Hair Style

Britney Spears Hair Style

Britney Spears Hair Style

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Hair Style

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Hair Style

Brandloving: AllSaints

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"Renowned for their soft draping, fine knits and signature washed leathers, AllSaints channels some serious dishevelled chic loved by bohemian trendsetters such as Sienna Miller."

"Famed for their fine knits British brand AllSaints channel a distinct rock n’ roll attitude in their laid back but innovative designs. This jumper [the one I bought, with the red arrow in the picture above] is a fine example of AllSaints’ house style with its gathered detailing and inventive twist cut. This is a great piece for adding some contemporary edge to a casual look."

"raw edging, inventive cut and contrast detailing"

I adore this brand, and I think it is going to be big, like G-star or Diesel. AllSaints immediately caught my eye on asos: I noticed the interesting cuts and gorgeous materials. The collection has pieces for every occasion and ranges from day-to-day casual sweaters to more sophisticated sequined dresses. Definitely worth the investment!

Scarves in hair

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When I was little I once saw an Elle editorial of hairdos with Hermès scarves and I have loved this look ever since.

Emma Watson at Glastonbury Music Festival

2010 Celebrity Cute Short Hairstyles

2010 Cute Hair Trends presents 2010 Celebrity Cute Short Hairstyles

There are some cute hair trends from celebs for short hair sported here by actress Bai Ling she has a ultra-chic look. Some cute mixed dye bangs. Short layered hairstyles are cute for women of all ages and for a more prominent layering look at firs photo.About hair color just get your favorite color to increase short hairstyles.The 2010 short layered hair has color like light auburn, auburn, dark auburn .Look at these cute celebrity 2010 short layered hairstyles pictures:

2010 Celebrity Cute Short Hairstyles
2010 Celebrity Cute Short Hairstyles

Coco avant Chanel

The best film.

Splash of Colour

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Source: MCM
She always finds the most amazing pictures.

New nailpolish

Because I only have a hot red, a dark red and a soft pink nailpolish, I wanted something more neutral and subtle. I didn't want to go for a clear polish, and so I chose this silky white one. I like it a lot because, like clear polish, it's not too obvious you're wearing polish but your nails look healthy and groomed. I especially like the colour on my toes. I definitely recommend it!

Chanel Le Vernis 331 Allegoria

Class of 2010

the end of the beginning

today is the day I graduate from high school

Eva Longoria Parker ponytail hairstyle 2010

2010 Cute Hair Trends presents Eva Longoria Parker ponytail hairstyle 2010

Eva Longoria Parker is wearing her hair in a loose low ponytail hairstyle.Loose Low ponytail hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular with many celebrities! This low ponytail hairstyle its versatility for events and occasions but can look great with many hair lengths and its not very hard to have and maintained.Checkout Eva Longoria Parker with a very cute ponytail hairstyle:

 Eva Longoria Parker ponytail hairstyle 2010

Mitch Hewer Medium Length Hairstyles

Mitch Hewer Medium Length Hairstyles
Mitch Hewer hairstyle

Mitch Hewer is a 20 year old English Actor. His most recognized performance is as Maxxie Oliver in the television series Skins. The character was openly gay in the series and Hewer appeared on the cover of Attitude, a gay lifestyle magazine twice in 2007. Here, we will take a look at Mitch Hewer hairstyles.

Mitch Hewer Medium Length Hairstyles
Mitch Hewer side parted hairstyle

Mitch Hewer Medium Length Hairstyles
Mitch Hewer hairstyle

Mitch Hewer Medium Length Hairstyles
Mitch Hewer side swept bangs

Mitch Hewer Medium Length Hairstyles
Mitch Hewer medium hairstyle

Hewer tends to wear his hair of medium length. Depending on what image he wishes to display, he wears it styled in a conservative manner with the front flipped to one side. He has worn it parted on both sides at different times, but otherwise, essentially the same style.

Mitch Hewer Medium Length Hairstyles
Mitch Hewer fluffed hair

Mitch Hewer Medium Length Hairstyles
Mitch Hewer hairstyle

Mitch Hewer Medium Length Hairstyles
Mitch Hewer hair

Most of the time, he wears his hair styled in such a manner that it almost appears not have been touched. This "Devil may care" style is not as easy to achieve and maintain as one might think. A good deal of gel is needed to hold the hair in position once it has been fluffed and pulled in different angles with the fingers.

Regardless of whether he wants to look like a rebel without a care or a middle class teen, his hairstyles help him to achieve the exact look he wants to make portrayal of his character on television fit with what he is doing at the time.

Denzel Washington Short African American Haircuts

Born December 28, 1954, Denzel Hayes Washington is an very good Oscar winner American actor best known from blockbusters like Training Day, The Book of Eli, Deja Vu or Inside man. Denzel Washington in the most movies wears some short black haircuts. Somotimes Denzel Washington wears his hair just a bit longer to have the curly hair and other times very short hair like a buzz cut and this is not just for the movies in his day to day life these are his preferred hairstyle probably because they are also very easy to maintaind and still modern haircuts.

denzel washington blackhairstyle4 Actor Denzel Washington Short Black Hairstyles

Actor Denzel Washington Short African American Hairstyle

denzel washington blackhairstyle3 Actor Denzel Washington Short Black Hairstyles

Actor Denzel Washington Short Black Haircut

Statement jewelry

I love Roxy's neckpiece, it's beautiful.


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Caroline at Paris men's Fashionweek part II

Caroline is really getting the best out of her closet for Fashionweek!
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Don Draper Hairstyle

Don Draper HairstyleDon Draper is the fictional protagonist in the AMC television networks series, Mad Men. He is played by the winner of the 2008 Golden Globe award, Jon Hamm. This character is based in part on the real-life creative director, Draper Daniels, who created the Marlboro Man advertising campaign for the Leo Burnett agency in Chicago in the 1950s. Draper was, until the end of the third season, the creative director for a fictional New York advertising agency, Sterling Cooper. Just before the firm was taken over by another company he and his superiors left to form a new company, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, in which he is a founding partner.

Much like the individual on the character is based, Draper Daniels, Don Draper is a man straight out of the 1950s trying to operate in the year 2010. Everything about the character from his hairstyle to his personality is a flash from the past.
Don Draper HairstyleThe hairstyle worn by Don Draper is a very conservative short haircut that has always been considered appropriate for men in the business community. The hair is cut up off the collar and above the ears. There are no sideburns to speak of. The hair is cut so that it can be styled with a single part to one side and combed over with no bangs showing on the fore head.
Don Draper HairstyleThis is a classic hairstyle that has been worn by men for generations and can specifically be classed as a businessman's haircut. It is appropriate for any man, regardless of his occupation or station in life. When compared to some of the more modern hairstyles worn by men, this particular style can be considered ultraconservative.

Caroline at Paris men's Fashionweek

I adore those Chloé wedges.
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Four David Beckham Inspirational Haircuts

David Beckham is a world famous English football player. His fame began at Manchester United FC in England, one of the richest and popular clubs in the world. Besides playing for Manchester United, he has also played for Real Madrid F. C. in Spain and LA Galaxy in USA.

1. Beckham haircut involves short cuts to both sides of the head and at the back. The short haircuts give a neat finish to the edges. The top part is rough and tousled. This is a fancy style suitable for young men. The hair fits well with a round, heart, oval and triangular face shape.

2. Beckham haircut is a funky style that involves short cuts to the back and sides near the head. The top part is chipped to provide a textured layer.

3. Beckham haircut involves a simple and soft style with a coloured texture. The hair is layered throughout and the top part is elevated. If your hair is of a medium type, this cut will suit you well.

4. Beckham haircut is suitable for people with fine and medium hair. The look is fabulous. It involves longer hair at the top and both sides of the head. The haircut needs regular trimming to maintain the texture.

Having your bra showing

Poll results:
Big faux pas: 32%
Sure why not? 68%

Well I must say, I am quite surprised. I thought you trendloving fashionistas would be all totally into this (especially looking at these very fashionable girls like Andy, Denni and Ashley), but obviously some of you have reservations. In my opinion there is a time and place for everything, and I find it alright as long as the nippleslip-risk is at zero. :)
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I love this look

Paul & Joe blazer
Alice + Olivia dress
Christian Louboutin shoes

Soft graduation: net-a-porter sales

Stella McCartney pleated chiffon dress
Thakoon shoes
Chloé clutch

For the ensemble €2007,97 in stead of €3217,94

net-a-porter sales
for whoever can afford it (I wish I could!)

Alex Curran

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