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This picture contains a clue...

Makeup by Tanya Burr

I never really post a lot about makeup, but this I have to tell you about.

I found these fantastic makeup tutorials on YouTube. They're by a girl named Tanya Burr, she's from the UK and she's a professional makeup artist. Mostly she does celebrity makeup interpretations (usually on herself, sometimes on her model Katie) and here and there she throws in a video with great tips like how to clean your brushes and her favorite mascaras and stuff. The videos are really great because they're good quality and very descriptive, and Tanya and Katie are such lovely, beautiful girls who are so fun to watch. The before and after in the videos make your jaw drop. I don't like to watch anything else since I found her.

My alltime favorite video is the Olivia Palermo tutorial (which I posted a long time ago), this is one of her recent tutorials on Emma Watson.

Definitely have a look! Search for: pixi2woo channel

Natalie Portman at Gotham Film Awards

Source: The Vogue Diaries

It's so cool that she's wearing Lanvin + H&M.
This was my favorite dress of the collection, she looks so good in it! She accessorized it with a Dior clutch and Tiffany jewelry.

Leighton at the Gotham Film Awards

Sources: The Vogue Diaries &

She wore:
Thom Browe suit
Bvlgari jewelry
Salvatore Ferregamo shoes

I love a suit as formal wear.


Black clutches in all shapes, sizes, and textures.

From left to right:
Bottega Veneta
Halston Heritage
Jimmy Choo
Anya Hindmarch

Ginta Lapina

Source: The Vogue Diaries


Source: Le Blog de Betty

Parisienne parfaite.


Source: chictoochic

Stella McCartney

Nudes by Stella on net-a-porter.
(Do you recognize the knit dress from last week's Gossip Girl episode? Serena's wearing it.)

Stella McCartney's Resort collection.

I wasn't going to post about resort or spring collections until March or something, because I find it excruciating to long for spring clothes when it's freezing outside. But this, dear readers, is too beautiful to keep from you any longer. She's definitely my favorite designer...

Alexander Wang

Party Season

Source: Flare magazine
Via: Emma My Fashion Blog

I'm drooling all over these. I can't wait till the December issue of Vogue Paris will hit the shelves!

Jac & Frida

Source: Jak & Jil

Everbody loves Zara

This is GREAT.
The left one is from the November lookbook, the right one from the Evening lookbook. Who needs designer if we can all get Zara?! That leopard dress is just too cute. Although I already have a holiday season dress, I'm seriously considering to cave and get this one too.

On the musthave list: a black clutch.

Ivory Tower

Make a snowwhite impression in winter.

Valentino wool-crepe mini dress
Giuseppe Zanotti shoes
Marc Jacobs bag

Lanvin ♥ H&M Haute Couture: Backstage

Source: Jak & Jil

I'm pretty much the only blogger in the world who didn't post about the Lanvin ♥ H&M collection, but I can't miss out on the amazing fashion show! I loved that the great Anna Dello Russo joined the models, and these amazing face wraps are frachement couture!


Source: Fashionnerdic.

This is AMAZING.
I'd wear this in a second. Superflattering. She's also wearing the purrrtiest blazer ever (it's from Queens Wardrobe, but it's not on the website anymore, too bad). A+!

Mothers & Daughters

Source: Style and the City

One of my favorite kinds of streetstyle photography.

Check out the "Mothers and Daughters" label!



Camel + D&G + Cape + YSL +Leopard + Mohawks = one very on trend outfit.

Parisian style

What is the ultimate way to interpret Parisienne fashion? Is it..

Key words: young, fresh, radiant, immaculate, elegant, glowing, sophisticated, maccarons in the Jardin des Tuileries ...



Keywords: tousled, smokey eyes, effortless coolgirl, skinny jeans, oversized tank tops, dark, glamour, cafés ...

Tell me what you think!

Olivia for ELLE

This picture makes me crave Charlotte Olympia shoes ..

This picture makes me crave diamonds ..

This picture makes me crave luxurious turquoise & yellow ..

This picture makes me crave Gucci ..

This picture makes me crave Johannes Huebl.

Source: German ELLE December 2010
Via: The Vogue Diaries

NY Fashion Week

Source: Style and the City

Just look at those fingers in the air... Beyond elegant. This is one of my favorite photographs by Kamel ever.

PS: I enlarged this picture by rewriting the pixel width and height in the html-code. The picture becomes more blurry though, and I know it has something to do with the pixels but I don't know how I can make pictures larger without reducing the quality. Can anyone help me?

I ♥ Christmas

My mom brought this big bag home today ... my Christmas present! I know what's in there, do you? I'm already counting down till December 24, can't wait to unwrap this beauty!

Blake at The Today Show


Great ankle boots.

Latest short version of bob styles 2011 pics

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 Latest short version of bob styles 2011 pics

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Modern Celebrity Hairdos 2010 for Short & Medium Hair

Modern Celebrity Hairdos 2010 for Short & Medium Hair

The navy blazer

Source: Olsens Anonymous

My n° 1 style staple.