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What an amazing picture - Tommy Ton is the best photographer.


Last year I made a Looklet (a website to play dressup basically) account but I never did anything with it, I totally forgot and today I received an email from Looklet. I went back and remembered I had an account there. I instantly got to "styling" as they call it, and I've got to say it's pretty fun. Visit my page and start yourself!

PS: I adore that Mulberry bag in the second picture, I was sorry to see it is at a €1.000 on net-a-porter ...


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I love the combination of fitted jeans and patent leather flats. All black = très Parisienne.

J Brand jeans
Bloch flats
Stella McCartney jacket
See by Chloé bag and tee

My inspiration/ What I'll wear this FW

Wedge lace-up boots and patent leather ballet flats (here Chloé and Bloch)
Longsleeved and sweater dresses (here Paul&Joe)
Embellished knits (here Alberta Ferreti)
Leather and draped bodycon skirts (here Carven and l'Agence)
Skinny jeans (here 7 and J Brand)
Navy trech and straight wool coat (here Burberry and Moschino Cheap and Chic)
Wool and tailored blazers (here Miu Miu and Theory)

Denni & MAC

Source: ChicMuse

Reading Denni's blog reminded me that I forgot to tell you that I got some MAC products at Bendel's in New York! I bought the Fluidline liquid liner in Blacktrack and a 266 angled brush. Watching liquid liner tutorials on YouTube made me fear it was going to be terribly difficult to put it on, but really, it was so easy! Maybe it was because MAC products are really good or because I had an unusually steady hand this morning, but I definitely recommend this!

New shoes & Blackberry!

Massimo Dutti suede lace up wedge boots

Blackberry Curve

So needed this for college :)

Supermodel Coco Rocha's wedding video

via: Emma blog

I've got to admit I almost cried when I saw, it's a really impressive film. I never want to marry in a classic white gown, but this Zac Posen dress is stunning.

Cute and Simple Hairstyles for Thin Hair 2010

2010 Cute Hair Trends presents Cute and Simple Hairstyles for Thin Hair 2010

Get these simple and cute hairstyles if you want look sexy if you have thin hair.There are beautiful and different styles you can do that are easy and look great with thin hair.If the hairstyle does not suit your face the style wont be highlighted much and you will not be getting the desired look on your face. So, here are some of the best Updo hairstyles for Long face shapes, women with long face can try out the ones from given styles below which matches their face the most.Even if you want to wear your hair long you can look gorgeous with thin hair. Braids are also great and there are many different kinds of braided hairstyles that you could try. Here are some cite hairstyles trends for thin hair:

Cute and Simple Hairstyles for Thin Hair 2010 

Best Trendy And Sexy Short Hairstyles in 2010

Best Short Hairstyles 2010 2011 presents Best Trendy And Sexy Short Hairstyles in 2010

The short cut is a commitment. If your hair grows fast, you may find yourself in the stylist chair much more than before. This may, or may not, be your cup of tea. Short hair does have to be styled everyday but it can take very little time once you have the routine down. It’s common to go shorter in your 40’s and 50’s. Current trend, though, could not be further from the truth. Whatever you prefer, be sure to consult an expert. While you do not want to sell yourself “short”, looking silly with a style that no longer works is not an option either. Your hair is your crowning glory. Love it and coddle it. Your entire persona will thank you for the attention and respect you show.This is definitely the time to ponder whether or not a short cut or a bob hairstyle is the most suitable thing for you. The shape of the face is your first priority. Understand and embrace your bone structure as it’s the real secret to the perfect hairstyle. If you decide to proceed, then go for it all the way. This way, you will never be disappointed with the final results. If something still does not feel quite right, then wait and see if the hesitation passes. If it does not, then obviously you are not on the right track and will need to reevaluate what you are hoping to achieve in your transition. 

First days of Fall


Must-have: the striped tshirt dress (here Free People)

Black leather

Source: net-a-porter

LOVE: black leather for some tough girl chique.
From dresses to shorts, skirts, jackets and tops: super expensive but worth the investment I think!

From left to right: Bird by Juicy Couture dress (fave), Thakoon drape dress, Sandro shorts, Lot78 jacket, l'Agence skirt.


Source: net-a-porter

Although it's huge this fall, I'm not feeling the Aviator trend. This look though, works. I love the combination of the thigh high boots with the lace dress.

Christian Louboutin boots
Adam jacket
Marc by Marc Jacobs lace dress
Temperly London belt


Source: net-porter

I dare you to find anything wrong with this outfit.

Halston suede wrap dress
Marni necklace
Lanvin bag
Louboutin shoes.


Source: The Blonde Salad

I need that bag.


Source: Stockholm Streetstyle

Goodbye New York!

Like I said, the last night we went for supposedly the best burgers of Manhatten at the Shake Shack (which was so romantic on Madison Square with lights in the trees and a fountain), we visited Times Square, and went to see Toy Story 3 there at a very retro theater, so much fun!

In the few hours before our flight we went to the Empire State, but because of the terrible weather there was zero visibility, that kind of blew. Now I'm back home after an eight hour flight. Do you always hate the journey back home too?

New York, see you back soon!

Already the last night!


We took the subway to the Upper West Side to visit the Columbia campus. It's my dream to go to school there to specialize my law degree. I really loved it there, so green and calm and beautiful.

After that we went to take a look at the St. John the Divine Cathedral, but it was too rainy to hang around. We took a cab to the Museum of Natural History, which was very entertaining but had really bad food, and then we walked through Central Park towards 5th (I got myself a pair of Tiffany earstuds).

Sheep MeadowThe Lake

After Tiffany we went to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) which I LOVED. I did not like the contemporary art. I really just don't get looking at a spash of paint on the floor or a random hay bale. But the 4th and 5th floor, where the paintings (1880s-1970s) hung, were just amazing. We only had an hour to closing time, but I enjoyed every second. I love these painting, and the Monet is one of my alltime favorites.

Les demoiselles d'Avignon - Picasso
Waterlillies - Monet
Olive Tree - Vincent Van Gogh

In the evening we went to dinner with my parents in a very trendy Italian restaurant SD26 (Madison Square Park, 26th Street) where my dad ordered our drinks with an iPad and where I had a very lovely but very tiny pasta.


Today was our first time below 27th Street, and we visited pretty much everything there is. We took a walk to the Memorial Arch, and through SoHo and Little Italy, which are such cosy neighborhoods! The further we walked south the gloomier it got, though. I don't like to walk past dirty shops with people standing outside whispering under their breath, "Gucci, Fendi, Coach, Prada...", everything fake! Hate it, and it's pretty creepy too, especially with the rain.

Memorial Arch


But the Courthouse and City Hall were beautiful. In the Financial District we walked through Wall Street. I didn't really like it there. It could of course be the weather, but I found the atmosphere rather depressing and grey. Finally we visited Ground Zero. There wasn't much to see though, it was pretty much a big construction area, but there were posters hanging there with what they were building and it really is going to be amazing.

Federal Hall

Now were going to see a movie, get something to eat and visit Times Square! I can't believe it's already our last night here.


Modern Short Messy Cute Haircuts for Women 2010

2010 Cute Hair Trends presents Modern Short Messy Cute Haircuts for Women 2010

A young girl want a modern haircuts but first you have to know exactly what you want and what are the latest trends. The modern key: the longer wicks in the neck.First get a cool modern short haircuts and then try this messy short haircuts that is very modern and cool to have on in spring 2010.Here are some pics with 2010 Hair Trends, 2010 Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles, Cute Hairstyles, Girls Hairstyles, Hairstyles Fashion, Messy Haircuts, Sexy Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles, Women Hairstyles:

 Modern Short Messy Cute Haircuts for Women 2010
 Modern Short Messy Cute Haircuts for Women 2010

Best Hairstyles Trends for Women Fall 2010

Best Short Hairstyles 2010 2011 presents Best Hairstyles Trends for Women Fall 2010

A key-trend in 2010 will be the shag – a heavily layered and choppy hairstyle taking inspiration from '80s icons as Debbie Harry. The benefit of having shaggy layered haircuts is that you don't always will have to style it; left to dry it can create its own texture and natural wave because of the different lengths. Bobs will be more structured with shorter bangs. There will be a tendency to put bangs in the eyes, but there will be shorter bangs also just tracing the brows.Asymmetry will be also popular style element in the 2010 hairstyles trends, from extreme cut-in effects to layers tucked back on the side.Bangs and fringes will be still on trend, but we'll move away from such graphic and structured shapes to longer, sexy and eyebrow kissing ones, focusing on achieving natural texture. 

 Best Hairstyles Trends for Women Fall 2010 
Best Hairstyles Trends for Women Fall 2010 

Long Island & rainy days

Saturday we went to visit old friends of my late grandfather on Long Island. They were so nice and they have a lovely house, and we ate fish that they had caught the same morning! They drove us to South Hampton for a little shopping and looking around. It was really cosy there, the shopping streets are really nice with the white little shops and trees. They even had a little Saks!

I'm wearing:
shirt, shorts, flipflops, all Abercrombie&Fitch

Yesterday we went to the Metropolitan. Since yesterday the weather really sucks. Pouring rain, and when you have got to get in somewhere, the airconditioning is even more freezing than normally because you're soaking wet.

Grand Central.
Friends of ours said Grand Central wasn't that impressive (we have a huge train station in Antwerp) but I really loved it.

Our (tiny but nice) room. Now we're going to go visit Colombia University, the Natural History and the MoMA. Umbrellas up!

I'm wearing:
shorts, cardigan, belt, Abercrombie&Fitch
bag, Diesel